The Stack

How we can deliver things

We use in-house developed platforms, on which our deep-expert group delivers real value!

Simply put – we’ve built three solid platforms that ingest, analyse, and report issues. These issues are manually analysed using human ingenuity and insights.

Often the analyst digs back into the source data, or asks for more – and every time this happens, the core platform is updated to reflect these new requests.

Finally, the analyst does a manual revalidation of the conclusion and reports it with specific advice and mitigation steps.

And critically, our client success managers work with your team on every actionable, using effective workflow collaboration tools, to ensure that both you and us “close the loop”

Secure applications need big budgets, AppSec experts and more time - always in short supply. We deliver everything on a platter!

Beyond tools and software, we bring the capabilities needed to make MDR effective.

We take a hacker's view of your digital envelope and look for chinks in your armor!