Raison D'être

We all grow, as a people, when the environment is secure.

We need a new paradigm for effective defences

At a fundamental level, in the game of the hunter and the hunted, is that fact that both are changing all the time. Static solutions that fail to incorporate this dynamism are merely relics of the past.


We’ve taken an approach that is designed, from the foundation up, to always be current: a judicious mix of an agile technology platform and a team of in-house cybersecurity personnel – including analysts and experts.


These humans not only engage in forensics, adding meaning to signals, they constantly work with the platform architects to modify and add capabilities – daily!





We need the complete story

The cybersecurity domain is scattered with hundreds of product and SaaS providers, each offering a point solution. Most implementations we see are no better than a gate to a castle with no walls – just bits and pieces.


Complete security needs a vendor who understands your unique needs and offers a holistic service across all three layers:


  • Application Security: a large number of companies build (or assemble) their own solution stacks. Writing secure code is very hard, as building (and sustaining) a culture of security given the pressures of releases and the massive number of moving parts is almost impossible. Yet, security from the inside, is non-negotiable.
  • Threat Monitoring: keeping an eye on the bad guys out there is equally tough. Most enterprises are just no match for the skills and resources that determined hacking organizations have access to. The dark web is teeming with mind-boggling tools, techniques and data that can (and will) harm you across all the dimensions of your business – reputation, customer data, phishing, business diversion, and more. Yet, external threat monitoring, is something you need to keep your eyes glued to.
  • Response: Cybersecurity incidents are always a matter of “when” – these will happen. It is critical to monitor signals for potential threats in progress and breaches quickly – for technical, business and risk management. Detecting, managing and responding to what are now constantly occurring threats, is a full-time job. Yet, an organization must fully Manage, Detect and Respond to cybersecurity risks.


We need a long-term solution partner

While Information Technology powers most enterprises today, managing the cybersecurity elements is hardly “business”. A ‘hand-it, forget-it” solution partner who can take on every aspect of all three areas of cybersecurity – delivering as much as an enterprise needs across time – is a business must-have.



We need the advantages of SaaS

The post Covid-19 World will need to be far more agile, far more flexible – something that Software-as-a-Service delivers. Yet for cybersecurity this is not enough.


What we need is Service-as-a-Service, what is referred to as SaaS delivered service. Minimal or zero implementation fee, no Capex, instantly scale service up or down, instantly add services or depth – all with affordable Opex.


We exist to answer to these needs.

Secure applications need big budgets, AppSec experts and more time - always in short supply. We deliver everything on a platter!

Beyond tools and software, we bring the capabilities needed to make MDR effective.

We take a hacker's view of your digital envelope and look for chinks in your armor!