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Castellum Labs Portfolio Presentation

New Age Cyber Security Company

watchOUT Platform Presentation

We are exploring more threat components and adding them to our platform

Application Security on appFORT

Real time access to project statuses and execution details

Managed Detection and Response

True Managed Detection and Response presentation


Logging, right kind, can make lot of difference...

Application Security is critical, when your security perimeter has shied from usual DMZ and Firewall to web infra and mobile devices, and, a combination of those!

Enterprise Vulnerability Program

Achieving a multifaceted cybersecurity solution means fortifying security controls across gateways and networks, servers, clients and applications.

Consolidated Project Issue Tracker

Application Security is critical, when your security perimeter has shifted from usual servers behind DMZ and Firewall to web, mobile & cloud!

Enterprise Vulnerability Management

Castellum Labs, offers wide range of features/capabilities to secure
your organization and data.

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