Enterprise Class AppSec

Everything about software
has changed in last 5 years!

• Has your security model for s/w kept pace?
• Are you stuck with outdated security for s/w?

Web, Mobile & API Security. Big Challenges

Noise Factor

Penetration testing are noisy Reports are just vulnerability data Clarity of impact missing

Static Controls

Static controls are outdated Security test is on static builds Mismatch from dynamic DevOps

Out of Sync

Security testing is out of sync Lock step coordination is amiss Security is done as afterthought

Rising Cost

Late discoveries of vuln add cost Repetitive vuln make it costlier ROI on appsec is missing

360 AppSec

RisQ Methodology

Vuln Analysis

AppSec Delivery Platform

Full Cycle Coordination

Castellum Labs orchestrates all aspects of s/w security testing & controls implementation with help of its platform, people & framework

Not Just Reporting, Closure

Our delivery captures the essence of security testing, which is to fully secure your software. We do a complete hand holding of dev.

Continuous Feedback Loop

We provide you a tracking of the s/w security posture across releases & across versions. Our feedback to development is continuous.

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Enterprise Class AppSec
Simplified Application Security

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