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Buying SIEM. The Important "30"

SIEM and Security Monitoring is a strangely crowded market. Loads of products and technologies and options to choose from. And, each one of them claiming to have one score up over their competition…

End-Point Security. Most Critical.

Endpoint security has been around, for at least three decades, since the intro, proliferation and mass adoption of personal computers, PCs, as productivity workstations in enterprises…

App Security... Still the Achilles Heel !

A CISOs world of concern, worry and planning is wide ranging and spans various portions and sections of IT infrastructure and its usage. From securing periphery to changing user habits to ever releasing patches, it…

Advanced AppSec. Staying Ahead!

A lot of focus in application security is towards testing software surfaces (web, mobile and API) and ensuring fixes are done and regressed before release hits the production environment. And, then some…

Log4j - It's bleaker than you believe

ze Log4j flaw is like a stark reminder that system and software development approaches, particularly for mission-critical systems and applications, must change dramatically…

Security Awareness. What to Focus on?

Employees’ “Action and Response” in IT and cyber world, knowingly or else unknowingly, can either protect organization’s information and assets or else can wreck a havoc on security. Most organizations pay an…

CISO Role <> Evolution Map

CISO is one leadership role, which has gone through more changes on competence, skills and maturity curve than any other leadership role in enterprises.

Incident Response. Missing?

Recent Wipro fiasco on Breach reported by noted security researcher, Brian Krebs, is a study in either lacking incident response, or else, a mismanaged (or shall I use the word as muddled) incident response…

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