SOC Monitoring Options

Inhouse SOC
"Using purchased SIEM product​"

“Organization has its own SOC team and SIEM tools”

Log data remains within the corporate network.High cost proposition.​
SIEM is configured as per the business needs.Keeping the team skills relevant to the threats.​
Soc team is in-house.Leads to employee burnout.​​

Inhouse SOC
"Using a hosted SIEM"

Organization owns the SOC team and relies on hosted SIEM

SOC team is in-house.​​Lead to employee burnout.​​
SIEM is configured as per business needs.High cost proposition.​
No need of additional resources to manage the SIEM internally.​In house SOC team may not be versatile with 3rd party SIEM.​​​

External SOC
"Using an in house SIEM"

Organization owns the SIEM but subscribes for a SOC team

The data is in-house.High cost proposition.
SIEM is configured to business needs.High cost proposition.​
Meets the compliance obligations.SOC team may not be comprehensive for business scenario.

Externalised SOC
"Using a hosted SIEM "

​”Organization subscribing hosted SIEM and using 3rd party SOC team“​

Incurs moderate costs.Requires Extensive coordination.
No infra maintenance.Potential delays in execution.
No hassle for staffing.Siem product may not be fully configured for business needs.

Fully managed SOC
"Managed Detection and Response "

Organization completely relies on SOC as a service offering

Cost effective.​​Your data is outside the organisation.
Customise as per the business needs.Dependency on third party for your security.
Quick response time.Developing is complex.

Comparative Grid of SOC Options

In House SOC External SOC Fully Managed
FEATURES On Prem SIEM Hosted SIEM On Prem SIEM Hosted SIEM Co-Managed MDR (SOC as a Service)
Overall Cost High High High Medium​MediumLow
Skills Needed by Customer ​AdvancedAdvancedModerateModerateModerate​Low
Incident Maturity Low Low Low Low MediumHigh
Response Time​MediumMediumMediumMedium​MediumLow​
Employee Burnout High MediumHighMediumMediumLow 
Customisable​Low Low Low Low MediumHigh

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There are multiple SOC
monitoring Options

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