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1/04/ 2023

Castellum Labs & EliteCISOs Global CISO Golf Event.

Pleasure for Castellum Labs to host Golf ..
Along with EliteCISO, for all Hyderabad CISOs !
I cordially invite all Hyderabad CISOs to this event on 1st Apr 2023 for a fun filled morning with golf putting and breakfast in the mix. 

24/04/ 2023

Aegis Graham Bell Award

Castellum Labs, a leading technology company, has secured a finalist slot in the prestigious Aegis Graham Bell Awards. This recognition is a testament to the company’s exceptional innovation and expertise in the technology industry.

10 / 21 / 2021

Demystifying Myths of DevSecOps. Is it for everyone?

– Is it for everyone
– Why is it so complex
– Creating a road map
– Tools of the trade

– Adoption best practices
– Common pitfalls
– Market momentum
– Future of DevSecOps

02 / 26 / 2022

Saturday Night Fever by Bharath Kalyanram & Rajeev Shukla

Join two industry leaders, Bharath Kalyanram and Rajeev Shukla in this fireside conversation, which delves into challenges of startup growth, cyber security of startups, post pandemic life at startups and mental health for people in leadership position.

07 / 09 / 2021

How Darkweb is Going To Kill Your Business?

Billions of dollars are being made on darkweb through illegal trade of stolen enterprise data. Your data is a gold mine for malicious actors. Darkweb has provided hackers a safe and convenient place. Every ransomware attack, every brute force attack, every hacking attempt can be traced back to darkweb.

08 / 25 / 2021

Thought Leadership Series - The Road to Zero Trust

The new way of working requires a new type of security. Work from home during last one and half year, has made zero trust adoption a must for every organization across the globe. Every CISO is thinking about zero trust, today!

These quotes and responses by Rajeev Shukla – CEO & Founder Castellum Labs in “Thought Leadership Series – The Road to Zero Trust” by Society for Cyberabad Security Council) presents an expert analysis on the zero trust, its definition, adoption and challenges.

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