Collection Model of tNiXD

Collection is "The King"

Collection Challenges in SIEM/SOC

Noise Collected

"Most SIEMs end up collecting meaningless events, which don't correlate"

Log Levels not Proper

"Most SIEMs and most MDR don't pay attention to log levels at log sources"

Too Many Collection Agents

"Most SIEM deployments and most MDRs do not have clean collection architecture, hence agent sprawl"

threatNiXD Clean Collection Architecture

threatNiXD Custom Collection Design 

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Collection Model of tNiXD
Enhance monitoring

Reimagining Cyber Security for NextGen Threats !

“For high quality correlation, proper log collection from all sources is important. That needs log levelling and high grade collection agent”

“We enhance event correlation through elimination of noise. We collect the events based on MITRE mapping of log sources to TTPs. A high quality collection enables us to correlate faster and correlate better.”


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