threatNiXD MDR

Why threatNiXD?​

Our Core Capabilities

Threat Detection (EDR, Cloud/Network)

Incident Analysis​

Threat Intelligence​

Remote Incident Response​

Threat Hunting​

Human Expertise​

UEBA (User Entity Behaviour Analytics)​

Big Data Analytics​

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)​

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning​

Automated Response and Orchestration​

SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)​

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning​

Automated Response and Orchestration​

Automated Response and Orchestration​

ThreatNiXD MDR Strengths

Feature Grid of threatNiXD MDR​​

1. Unique collection architecture to reduce noise ​12. ​User and entity behavior analysis ​
2. 24x7 eye on the glass monitoring by layered SOC team ​13. Network behavior and diagnostics ​
3. Comprehensive collection for all events, alerts & logs​14. AI/ML driven threat hunting to predict threats.​
4. MITRE framework for a real time threat alert library.​15. Multi-level SLAs covering entire incident lifecycle.​
5. Darkweb intelligence integrated to threat alert library​​16. Built in automated response (alerts).​
6. Real time multi level correlation for threat scenarios detection​17. Centralized customer centric security dashboard.​
7. SOC team skilled with detection, response, forensic and intelligence ​18. Standard daily, weekly and monthly security reports. ​
8. Dashboards for real time outlier and pattern monitoring ​19. Automated provisioning for additional devices collection ​
9. Critical alert dispatch to multiple channels ​20. Simplified log consolidation for audit & compliance​
10. Incident and task tracking and closure follow ups ​21. Extended data retention for analysis. ​
11. Fully coordinated response model built into service ​22. ​Advance report sets with deep security analytics ​

Not just another MDR


"The security orchestration, automation and response are the core elements of the SOAR which are at the heart of threatNiXD, also our IoC analysts provide true contextual SOAR."

Integrated UEBA

"Our basic capabilities allows detection of insider threats, compromised accounts, changes in creation of super users and breach of protected data."

Threat Intelligence

"We continuously refine and add to a massive library of machines and human executed playbooks to sense, target and pick out risks, exploits and weaknesses."

NBAD Alerts

"Our built-in network behaviour and anomaly detection tracks critical network characteristics like traffic, bandwidth use and protocol use and, also the IoC analysts filter out false." negative for actionable alerts.

Incident Management ​

"ThreatNiXD delivers in a single pane of glass model to support true management, control and governance of alerts. "

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